Leisure Tips For Diving In Cold Water

colddiverShowering with the heater not working is bad enough, so how much worse is diving cold water? This may sound awful to you but for passionate divers, the freezing temperature is just one of the many challenges of the craft which makes it more exciting. But they also know the potential risk that comes with it. For fellow divers though, most of you probably have diving insurance (and if you don’t you should definitely click here), here are some tips that can help make your dives easier and safer.

  • Gear Up

Never face a battle without your weapon. It’s a cliché but smart advice. If you know you’re planning a diving trip and you know it freezing out, make sure you get the specific equipment for cold-water dive. Regulators should be maintained and regularly serviced, hoods and gloves are a must, and heated undergarments will be your new best friend. Don’t underestimate hypothermia.

  • Plan Carefully

Just because you already have your weapons doesn’t mean you can just jump into the water! You also have to plan about what could possibly go wrong down there and think of how to deal with it. Diving insurance is great but it’s better if you come out in one piece and nothing happens to you. Increased surface air consumption, proper handling of free-flowing regulators and air-sharing drills, knowing how to do mask clearing and removal, and being aware of the signs of hypothermia and knowing when to call the dive are a few things to start planning around.

  • Let Your Body Take Its Time Adjusting To The Temperature

Diving straight to great depth of cold water is not a good idea. It will definitely shock your body and we don’t want that. Start low and slow, this will make it easier for your body to adjust to the temperature. Then gradually increase your depth as you go.

  • Finish Strong

When it’s time to get out of the water, the first thing that you should focus on is increase your body temperature. Change into some warm clothes and have anything warm to drink. Having a diver with more experience in cold-water diving to mentor you will make your future dives less scary and more fun. So you might as well start looking for one.