The Best Home Ellipticals: Finding An Elliptical That Fits

If you prefer to do your workouts at home, elliptical machines are a great investment. They can provide you with a full body workout while the fluid motion creates minimal impact on your hips, your knees, and your back, thus minimizing injuries.

To maximize your workouts, there has to be sufficient room for you to move about so you need to make sure that your elliptical machine can fit in your space. The best home ellipticals are usually front-drive ellipticals because they require less floor space. You might also want to consider buying a folding elliptical that can easily be stowed under the bed.

The best home elliptical for you should help you achieve your fitness goal. Your goals will guide you in selecting the features of your machine. If you’re planning on introducing a variety of workouts to your daily routine, go for a cross-trainer type that offers a wide range of exercise programs. Likewise, if your objective is to keep track of your cardio fitness, then opt for one that comes with a heart rate monitor. Some elliptical machines come with added features but if you’re no fitness extremist, then you might want to think of buying a basic type which is a more affordable alternative.

The best home elliptical should fit your preferences so if you like walking, then a basic elliptical may be enough. However, if you want an elliptical that can simulate running movements, then invest in a sturdier, possibly costlier model to make sure that it doesn’t wobble while you’re working out. Likewise, if you prefer a climbing motion, then go for a machine with an adjustable incline. The best home ellipticals for beginners are the ones with simple controls. If you’re already at an advanced fitness level, then choose a machine with a broad resistance range that can keep up with your improvements.

The best home ellipticals are able to provide the user with smooth and natural movements. It is important to know that a heavier flywheel can yield a smoother pedaling action. To ensure your comfort, check for the pedal spacing as well, keeping in mind that the preferable range is less than two inches and that pivoting pedals are better able to simulate natural foot movements.

Lastly, don’t forget to find out what the elliptical machine’s maximum weight capacity is. By following these simple tips, you can stay fit with the elliptical that fits you